Behold the Oscar Poster

The key artwork for this year’s Oscars ceremony has been revealed, with the Motion Picture Academy presenting an image consisting seven different pieces from artists around the world. 

The piece is part of a campaign that AMPAS it titled “Bring Your Movie Love”, a call to the idea that movies connect and impact people from all across the globe. The seven artists were presented a prompt with the question, “What do movies mean to you?” 

It’s a delightful combination of different artistic styles and palettes, demonstrating how different artists from around the world can take an idea and create their own work with it, with each piece having a distinct personality. 

Using international artists is surely a desire for the Academy to hold true to their proposed commitment in recent years to bolster diverse representation from their organization, a group that has been increasingly criticized for its extreme lack of representation. 

The seven artists whose work is featured are: 

Temi Coker, Nigeria 

Petra Eriksson, Sweden 

Magnus Voll Mathiassen, Norway 

Michelle Robinson, born in South Korea and based in the United States 

Karan Singh, Australia 

Victoria Villasana, Mexico 

Shawna X, United States 

On the Academy’s website you can see each of their individual pieces alongside a bio and statement from the artists. 

The Oscar nominations will be announced in a few short days, on March 15th, with the ceremony set to take place on April 25th. 


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Written by Mitchell Beaupre

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