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Interview: Filmmaker Nicholas Jarecki Talks ‘Crisis’

Nicholas Jarecki made his narrative directorial debut nearly a year ago with Arbitrage. That film, which came damn close to Academy Award nominations, put Jarecki on the map as a filmmaker to watch out for. Last month, his latest movie was released, the triptych Crisis. With a strong cast, led by Gary Oldman (who also Produces), the flick takes aim at a truly important issue: the opioid crisis in America. My review (found here) made clear my thoughts on its positives and negatives, but I found myself thinking about it after the fact. Moreover, it led me to start talking with Jarecki himself. A private conversation spilled over into a full blown interview, which we present to you today.

Below, you can hear my chat with Jarecki. We talk about all aspects of Crisis, from the casting to the writing. Hearing how Oldman was such a force in getting the flick made was pretty interesting, as was just finding out why Jarecki wanted to make it in the first place. Jarecki is a very down to Earth dude, easy to talk to and open to whatever questions come his way, so this discussion was a pleasure. For me, it’s rarer to talk to filmmakers from works you didn’t overtly rave about, but that can generate a back and forth that’s wholly unique. Hopefully, that’s what he and I did for over a half hour. Now, you get to hear it, in all its glory.

Here now is my interview with Crisis writer/director Nicholas Jarecki. Enjoy:

Crisis is available in theaters and on VOD right now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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