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Interview: Jodie Foster Discusses What Drew Her to ‘The Mauritanian’

We all know that Jodie Foster doesn’t work a ton anymore. We also all know that she’s a two-time Academy Award-winning actress, so when she does opt to take something on, it bears paying attention to. The Mauritanian is certainly a prime example of that, showcasing her talents in a big way. A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to hop on Zoom and talk about the film with her. Dear readers, as you might imagine, it was an offer I gladly accepted. Below, you’ll be able to watch Foster and I chat about her latest movie role.

This interview was an honor, to say the least. Foster is a legend, so the chance to spend some time with her was surreal. I did make her laugh by referring to the two Oscars somewhere in her home, but the majority of the conversation is centered around The Mauritanian. Considering how rarely she plays real life characters, there was a chance to explore some interesting material. Plus, she gave a really honest bit of feedback to a comment I made in appreciation of her last directorial effort, Money Monster. It’s a really good interview, overall, if I do say so myself. The flick is really good, too, with Foster doing great work, as I noted in the review:

Given a juicy role like this, she turns in strong work that’s hardly flashy, but always provides a moral compass.

Enjoy my conversation over Zoom with The Mauritanian actress Jodie Foster:

The Mauritanian is out today!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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