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Interview: Talking “Everybody Cries” from ‘The Outpost’ with Larry Groupé, Rod Lurie, and Rita Wilson

Among the many things to love about Rod Lurie‘s intense and impeccably made The Outpost, there’s an original song called “Everybody Cries” that features prominently. What could so easily have been a throwaway bit of music instead becomes a summarization of what the cast, as well as the real soldiers who inspired the film, went through. Sung by Rita Wilson, it’s so touching, and even more emotional to hear when you understand how it came to be. Lurie, Wilson, and composer Larry Groupé crafted something special, but that’s just on par for how special the entire movie is. As the song hopes for some awards attention, the trio were kind enough to hop on Zoom for a few minutes with me. I’ve already been clear about how deserving of Oscar love the flick is, so I gladly took this as another opportunity to bang the drum for it.

Below, you can see my interview with the trio behind The Outpost‘s wonderful song. “Everybody Cries” is one of the best original tunes of 2020, so it’s rightly in the hunt for awards attention. During the chat, you can hear from Lurie about how he’s honoring his late son Hunter, as well as Willson talk about what she was able to bring to the song. Groupé, Lurie, and Wilson are lovely individuals, so this was a true delight. If you haven’t given The Outpost a look yet, do so now, as it’s one of the best war movies in recent memory. Plus, it has a hell of a song attached to it, so be sure to seek that out as well…

Enjoy my conversation with Larry Groupé, Rod Lurie, and Rita Wilson. We had fun, even given some of the heavier subjects touched upon, so I hope you do too:

The Outpost is available to watch now and “Everybody Cries” can be heard wherever you get your music!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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