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‘Supernova’ Gets a Trailer to Highlight Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci’s Turns

Yesterday, we reported that the Golden Globes had rejected Bleecker Street’s submission of Stanley Tucci in the supporting actor category for his performance in Harry Macqueen’s emotional drama Supernova. Tucci will now be competing in the leading actor in a drama category there alongside his co-star Colin Firth, but remains in the hunt for the supporting prize at the Oscars. 

Today sees more Supernova news as Bleecker Street has finally released the official U.S. trailer for the film, just a few weeks before its January 29th, 2021 release. Macqueen’s film tells the story of Sam (Firth) and Tusker (Tucci), romantic partners who take a road trip together as they grapple with Tusker’s declining health due to early onset dementia. 

Dealing with dementia could draw comparisons between Tucci’s performance and Anthony Hopkins’ acclaimed performance in The Father, one of the leading acting contenders this year, but the trailer shows Tucci in a much more stoic and reserved mode than you might expect. It looks like Firth has the showier scenes from this brief preview we see of the film, but interestingly the spotlight on the trailer does very much seem to be on Tucci more than anything. 

Perhaps that’s because Bleecker Street sees Tucci as their biggest potential for some awards love this season, as he’s looking to break into an extremely open field in supporting actor, while Firth has virtually no shot of cracking the intense battle going on for the five slots in leading actor. 

Tucci has been nominated for one Oscar before, for his supporting performance in Peter Jackson’s 2009 film The Lovely Bones. He was nominated for the Golden Globe for that performance, along with receiving two earlier Globe wins in the miniseries/TV movie categories for his work in Conspiracy and Winchell. Firth won the Oscar for leading actor for his 2010 performance in The King’s Speech, and was nominated the year prior for his leading performance in A Single Man.

Supernova will be released on January 29th. Check out the trailer below:


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Written by Mitchell Beaupre

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