HISTORY OF SWEAR WORDS Nicolas Cage as himself in HISTORY OF SWEAR WORDS. Cr. Adam Rose / Netflix
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Nicolas Cage to Delve Deep Into the ‘History of Swear Words’ on Netflix

Academy-Award winning actor Nicolas Cage will host Netflix’s History of Swear Words, a comedic six-episode docu-series focusing on a specific swear–”fuck,” “shit,” “dick,” “bitch,” “pussy” and “damn”–each episode, and diving into the origins and cultural significance of each one.

Produced by B17 Entertainment, this show has plenty of capable comedic talent behind the scenes, as well as on-screen; throughout the series, there is a myriad of special guests, including Nick Offerman and Sarah Silverman to name just a couple.

Featured throughout the series, in addition to Cage and his guests, are linguists and other language scientists to further explain the story behind the swears and the impact they’ve had on culture over a period of time.

History of Swear Words is set to arrive on Netflix on January 5, 2021.

For more information on the Nicolas Cage comedy series, visit The Hollywood Reporter story here. You can see the Teaser Trailer for the show below:


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Written by Miles Foster

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