From All of Us at Awards Radar, Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

Faithful readers, Happy Thanksgiving one and all! From the bottom of my heart, as well as all of us here at Awards Radar, we wish you nothing but the best. We also wholeheartedly thank you for supporting the site as much as you have so far. It truly means a lot, especially this year, which has not been an easy one. Launching Awards Radar in 2020 is certainly a choice, but the fact that the enthusiasm has been there, especially in the midst of such trying times, warms my heart. In a very real way, I have something new to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving.

Obviously, this is no ordinary Thanksgiving, as COVID-19 has made it impossible to celebrate as normal. Hopefully, you’ve made the painful choice to stay distanced from friends and family, avoiding the large gatherings that make this virus spread. If you are with loved ones, do your best to stay safe, taking the proper precautions. A worse time today will make for a better time tomorrow. For me, while I won’t be feasting on my grandmother’s cooking, she’s happily provided me with her recipes, so I’ll be making my first ever Thanksgiving Dinner. Cross your fingers that I can get her world famous gravy right! If so, it’ll truly be a Turkey Day for the books. Even if I screw it up (I’m a pretty decent cook, so that’s not amazingly likely), I’m taking solace in knowing that I’ve made the proper choice, choosing safety and respect for my fellow citizens over a need to eat delicious food.

Do your best to stay safe, stay happy, and know that we appreciate you so much. Today, on Thanksgiving, and every single day beyond…

Happy Thanksgiving!


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3 years ago

A few days late but just wanted to say I’m very thankful for Awards Radar being so good and being up and running so fast! When Awards Circuit shut down I was bummed, but seeing this site not only start up quickly, but already having tons of podcasts, articles, and reviews, is awesome. Thank you for working hard to get the site running with lots of content so fast!


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