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‘Mank’ Reactions Suggest a Big Awards Player

Despite everything that’s going on, there is still an Oscar season, and, even though the awards ceremony has been pushed back to April and the Academy has extended the eligibility window to February 28, the general consensus is the majority of movies that will be competing for the Oscars have already been released or have been seen at festivals, so the shape of the race had already been clearly forming. However, up until yesterday, there was still one anticipated movie that could change the race that had not yet been seen by anyone.

That final piece was Mank, the David Fincher-directed dramatization of the behind-the-scenes conflicts during the making of the classic Orson Welles film Citizen Kane. With Fincher directing and Oscar-winner Gary Oldman starring as Citizen Kane screenwriter Joseph Mankiewicz, the critics couldn’t wait to finally see the movie that seemed to be the answer to their Oscar dreams.

From the reactions from critics and Oscar prognosticators that flooded Twitter last night following the first virtual screening, Mank has not only lived up to expectations, it has surpassed them. Leave it to David Fincher to save 2020 and, quite possibly, have made a Citizen Kane of his own.

Here is just a sampling of Film Twitter from last night:


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