‘Mank’ Eyes a Prime 2020 Release Date

MANK (2020) Courtesy of Netflix

A day after the teaser trailer for Paul GreengrassTom Hanks Western, News of the World dropped, another major awards contender that is still holding onto 2020 confirmed its release date today. As noted by other publications like Collider and SlashFilmMank, the highly-anticipated biopic from David Fincher, will be released in select theaters in November, and begin streaming on Netflix beginning December 4. 

The eagerly-awaited historical drama, starring Oscar-winner Gary Oldman as legendary Hollywood screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz, is Fincher’s first feature in six years, as he has been busy working on the series Mindhunter for HBO, which he also executive produces. 

MANK (2020) Courtesy of Netflix

Mank, which also stars Lily Collins, Amanda Seyfried, Charles Dance, Tom Pelphrey, and Tom Burke, tells the behind-the-scenes story of the turbulent development and production of Orson Welles’ cinematic masterpiece, Citizen Kane. The film chronicles the many arguments and clashes that screenwriter Mankiewicz had with director-star Welles, who fought Mankiewicz for screenwriting credit. 

As if the film weren’t already notable enough with Fincher and Oldman attached, the old Hollywood setting, the classic characters out of movie history, the behind-the-scenes gossip from the film often cited as the best film ever made, as well as the black-and-white cinematography, make Mank a certified front-runner for April’s Oscars, as it has everything the Academy loves to reward. Making the story even more appealing for voters is the fact that the screenplay was written by Jack Fincher, David’s father, who died in 2003. Expectations are high for this Fincher passion project, with many predicting this could be the film that finally gets the popular and critically-acclaimed director his Oscar, after being nominated twice previously and perceived to be due.

MANK (2020) Courtesy of Netflix


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