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    Film Review: The Melancholic Wonder of ‘The Wonder’

    As a species, humans enjoy looking for the unexplainable, seemingly magic elements in our day-to-day world. Whether it be reading ghost stories, watching an illusionist, or listening to folklore, we latch onto what we don’t understand. Sebastián Lelio holds onto the idea of assigning importance to the otherworldly in his new film The Wonder, based […] More

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    Film Review: ‘Measure of Revenge’ is More Pretentious Than Enjoyable 

    Bella Thorne is the type of actress where the mere mention of her name gives rise to a devoted fanbase that will watch whatever project she’s attached to. Even when Thorne is a supporting actress rather than a lead, she helps boost any movie’s number of viewers as well as talent quota. Unfortunately, even the […] More

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    Film Review: ‘Last Survivors’ Can’t Find Its Footing

    One of the most common struggles seen with films are film structure or plot points being too flimsy. Without a solid foundation, no amount of talent or special effects can save it. Much like a house, without good bones, it cannot stand on its own. Last Survivors sets the stage for a very strong picture […] More

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    Taylor Swift Plays the Role of Director ‘All Too Well’

    Taylor Alison Swift is known by countless titles. The singer, songwriter, movie star, TV actress, performer, and director wears many hats.Today, however, we’re focusing on Swift’s directorial side, namely the new music video for her fan favorite song, All Too Well. And no, we’re not going to talk about the actor that inspired the song […] More

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    Sunday Scaries: Pandemic Friendly Halloween Party Alternatives

    It’s official: we are approaching our second COVID-19 Halloween, folks. While much has changed since then—including vaccinations—the pandemic is still overstaying its welcome and concerns are still relevant. Halloween is one of my top three favorite holidays and Halloween 2020 being a very low-key day was disappointing to me, as it was to many others. […] More

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    Sunday Scaries: Underrated Horror Villains from the Past 25 Years

    What name springs to your mind when you think of horror villains? Let me guess: Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, or something in that vein? These lucky few have become classic horror and Halloween tropes and most people have seen at least one of their movies, if not every sub-par sequel. But what about […] More

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    Sunday Scaries: Five Haunts that Demand Another Viewing

    Welcome back to the Sunday Scaries! If you’re a horror movie connoisseur, you know better than most that the genre offers frequent flops. Fans suffer at the hands of tense movies that seem promising but turn ridiculous, mediocre twists, and extremely disappointing endings. When a spooky film receives great ratings and notoriety, it’s exciting to […] More

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