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Apple and Paramount Are Stepping In to Prevent ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Intermissions

With Killers of the Flower Moon now in theaters (raved about here by our own Joey), audiences are debating all aspects of the movie from Martin Scorsese. One aspect, in fact, has gotten a lot of chatter, and that’s its length. Around a three and a half hour feature, some have called for an intermission to be included. Scorsese and company did not, obviously, but a few independent theaters have taken the matter into their own hands, spurring action.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there have been some rogue theaters adding intermissions to their showings of Scorsese’s latest, with the studios none too pleased about it. Apple and Paramount have intervened, in fact, to make sure it doesn’t happen. Whether the film should or shouldn’t have an intermission, the filmmakers and studios didn’t include one, so adding one after the fact just isn’t going to fly.

Source: THR


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Written by arnewsteam

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