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Joey’s Home Movies For the Week of October 2nd – ‘Prey’ for More Prequels with the Predator Like This One

Welcome back to my Home Movies! Today, we have Hulu’s wildly successful Predator prequel Prey hitting shelves, which is pretty cool. What else is coming out this week, in addition to a noteworthy Criterion Collection release? Read on to find out…

Joey’s Top Pick



I loved what filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg did with this Predator prequel. Not only is it very much in keeping with the franchise’s feeling, it does something new at the same time. I spoke to the director here about the movie, and that’s definitely worth checking out. Here also is my review, which praises the flick like so:

The Predator franchise has only really had one outing that fans can fully get behind, and that’s the original. Everything else, whether it has been straight sequels, reboots, match-ups with another iconic movie monster, or what have you, has at best been met with a mixed reception. So, making the latest film a prequel is certainly an interesting choice, as no one has been yearning for a Predator origin story. So, it’s with great relief to say that not only is Prey a very good movie, it’s the best in the franchise since the original. By getting to the roots of why this property has appeal, the end result is quite thrilling.

Prey is an effective science fiction thriller, buoyed by the knowledge that more is actually less when it comes to this property. Focusing on the one on one aspect of very different warriors is far more effective than raising the stakes with more sci-fi stakes. This flick isn’t re-inventing the wheel here, but it’s exactly what you want out of it. Less is more here, to its benefit.

Also Available This Week


Cat Daddies

Metalocalypse: The Complete Series (TV)

Mob Land

NCIS: Hawaii – Season Two (TV)

Talk to Me

Criterion Corner


Don’t Look Now

From The Criterion Collection: “Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie mesmerize as a British married couple on an extended trip to Venice following a family tragedy. While in that elegantly decaying city, they have a series of inexplicable, terrifying, and increasingly dangerous experiences. A masterpiece from Nicolas Roeg, Don’t Look Now, adapted from a story by Daphne du Maurier, is a brilliantly disturbing tale of the supernatural, as renowned for its innovative editing and haunting cinematography as for its naturalistic eroticism and its unforgettable climax and denouement—one of the great endings in horror history.”

Stay tuned for more next week…


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Written by Joey Magidson

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