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The Golden Globes Are Adding Two New Categories

The Golden Globes have been trying to make changes for a few years now. Whether it’s in their membership or approach to their awards, it’s been a time of turmoil. Today, they’ve announced a radical new addition to their telecast, in a pair of new categories. One is targeting the sphere of blockbusters, while the other is looking at stand up comedy on the small screen.

According to Variety, the two new categories are the Golden Globe for Cinematic and Box Office Achievement, as well as the Golden Globe for Best Performance in Stand-Up Comedy on Television. It’s clearly an attempt to bring in more audience members. Will it work? Stay tuned to find out.

These are the eligibility requirements for the new categories:

Cinematic and Box Office Achievement 
The Cinematic and Box Office Achievement includes nominees from the year’s most acclaimed, highest-earning and/or most viewed films that have garnered extensive global audience support and attained cinematic excellence. 

• Motion pictures are eligible for the Cinematic and Box Office Achievement award if they achieve a box office receipt total/gross of $150 million, of which $100 million must come from the U.S. domestic box office, and/or obtain commensurate digital streaming viewership recognized by trusted industry sources.
•Films that are released after November 22 up until the end of the year may qualify based on projected box office performance and/or digital streaming views from trusted industry sources.
• Cinematic and Box Office Achievement contenders can also be considered for Best Motion Picture in their respective categories, i.e., Drama, Comedy or Musical, Animated or Non-English Language if they meet the eligibility requirements for each of those awards.
• Box office and streaming views will determine eligibility; once a film meets the box office-related qualifying criteria or streaming criteria, Golden Globes voters will determine the nominees and winner based on excellence.  
• A total of 8 nominees will be named for this category. 

Best Performance in Stand-Up Comedy on Television (also known as Best Stand-Up Comedian on Television)
This new category gives standups a dedicated award for an individual performance or as part of a comedy group/ensemble. 

• Traditional stand-up comedy performances of at least 30 minutes, other than roles in Television Series, Limited Series, Anthology Series or Motion Pictures Made for Television, are eligible for this award.
• Television includes works released by broadcast, basic and premium cable, streaming, and pay-per-view cable. To be eligible for Golden Globe awards, television programs must be released on a recognized media platform (individual social media accounts do not qualify).
• Only programs first aired (or made available for viewing on demand) in the United States during the qualifying calendar year are eligible. 
• A total of 6 nominees will be named for this category.

Source: Variety


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Robert Hamer
2 months ago

Frantically inventing a new category to absolutely 100% guarantee Oppenheimer and Barbie aren’t left out of their ceremony is going to be really funny to think about in hindsight when the Dick Clark Productions c-suite tries to figure out why the more “elitist” Academy Awards still beat them in the ratings next year.



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