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Interview: ‘Bottoms’ Filmmaker Emma Seligman Discusses Her Latest Comedy Success

Two features in, Emma Seligman is a director very much carving out her own path. Alongside co-writer/star Rachel Sennott, Seligman has crafted a pair of memorable films in Shiva Baby and now Bottoms. Their movies are comedies of the highest order, though in completely different realms. You get the sense that she can do anything. As such, it was a pleasure recently to hop on Zoom and speak with her about this latest flick. Today, that conversation comes your way.

In my review of Bottoms (here), I praised Seligman’s filmmaking like so:

Director/co-writer Emma Seligman, working alongside Sennott again after Shiva Baby, has an incredibly effective pairing going on. Seligman and Sennott craft scripts that are as smart as they are funny, with Bottoms being no exception. Here, Seligman’s direction is bigger and brasher, including effects, some wild jokes, and a deeper message. You watch the tight film and almost wonder how she got away with it. The fact that she did, and that it’s as good as it is, continues to suggest that she has a hell of an exciting career ahead of her.

Below, you can hear my chat with Seligman. We spend a lot of time talking about how you do comedy right. As some of you may know, it’s an especially challenging endeavor to make a funny movie, especially when it comes to comedic timing. Seligman, along with Sennott, really have cracked the code, with two very different films. I can’t wait to see what they do next. Seligman is very easy to talk to and has plenty to say, so this is a high quality discussion. Bottoms opens this weekend and is a must see!

Here now is my interview with Bottoms filmmaker Emma Seligman. Enjoy:

Bottoms is in theaters this weekend!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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