WB Considering Pushing ‘Dune: Part Two’ and ‘The Color Purple’ Potentially to 2024?

The Actors Strike is looming large on the still to be released major titles of 2023. We don’t yet know what the studios are going to do, but after Challengers moved to 2024 yesterday (reported on here), it doesn’t seem like that will be the only film changing dates. In fact, one studio in Warner Bros., is already seemingly making contingency plans for their biggest remaining movies, including The Color Purple and Dune: Part Two. Those plans don’t involve seeing the titles this year, either.

According to Variety, not only are The Color Purple and Dune: Part Two, a pair of Oscar contenders, possibly moving, but Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom could be looking at a new release date as well. If studios are thinking about taking their films to 2024, that might mean we’re in for a long strike. Hopefully not, but this isn’t a good sign, though for now it’s just a possibility.

Source: Variety


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Robert Hamer
4 months ago

I’m amazed they haven’t just put Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom out of its misery, already.

But if they’re thinking about delaying Dune: Part Two, putting it at serious risk of losing its audience’s emotional investment as it’s pushed further out from its predecessor’s release, figuratively waiting for the iron to “cool” before striking it again, negotiations must be going badly.

Joey Magidson
4 months ago
Reply to  Robert Hamer

Dune would definitely hurt them more than I think they even realize, you’re right.



Written by Steven Prusakowski

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