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Interview: ‘Biosphere’ Filmmaker Mel Eslyn Chats About the Creative Origins of the Surprising Movie

When you watch Biosphere, you reach a certain point where your mouth almost hits the floor. Immediately after, you begin wondering about how that idea was developed. For this film, it was co-writer/director Mel Eslyn, who took an idea from star and co-write Mark Duplass, nurtured it, and came up with the movie now in theaters. I spoke to Duplass at length here a few years ago. Today, it’s Eslyn’s turn to hop on Zoom, this time to discuss one of the most unique flicks of 2023.

In my review here, I had this to say about Biosphere and her work with Duplass:

Filmmaker Mel Eslyn helms the flick, while co-writing the screenplay with Duplass. In many ways, this feels indebted to the work he did with Lynn Shelton. It has a Humpday vibe to it, at least in broad strokes. Eslyn’s direction is solid and steady, letting her small cast lead the way. Not only does she coax terrific performances out of Brown and Duplass, the script she penned with the latter is terrific. Balancing the humor and the almost horror of it all, they put forward a full meal, even in a quaint little package.

Below, you can see my chat with Eslyn. We talk a lot about her collaborations with Duplass, as well as how she landed on Sterling K. Brown for the other role. We did this last week, on the day that the film came out, so it was an interesting time to be talking to her. It’s a real good conversation, as you’re about to find out. Plus, the movie demands to be seen, so don’t you dare sleep on this one. It’s wild and unlike anything else you’ll see this year!

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Here now is my interview with Biosphere filmmaker Mel Eslyn. Enjoy:

Biosphere is in theaters now and available to rent on VOD!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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