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First Trailer for ‘Jules’ Shows Ben Kingsley in a Science Fiction Comedy

Bleecker Street has released the first trailer for Jules, a new science fiction comedy about a man (Ben Kingsley) living an unremarkable life until an unidentified flying object falls into his yard. Sinc ethe pilot of the ship had nowhere else to go, Milton has decided to adopt him on his own, becoming the only member of his neighborhood to host alien life in his house.

The protagonist of the story will have to deal with the consequences of hacing an alien as a roomate, starting by explaining to his daughter (Zoë Winters) who the extreterrestial on the couch is. And she won’t be the only person confused as to why Milton insists on protecting the creature, as Joyce (Jane Curtin) also has a few ideas of her own.

Marc Turtletaub was in charge of directing the feature, which will mark his first release since helming Land. Starring Robin Wright and Demián Bichir, that movie follows a woman who has decided to live far away from people after a traumatic experience. Things wouldn’t last long because a black bear destroys her house and belongings.

Jules is set to be released in theaters on August 11, staying close to the end of the summer movie season. The movie seems to embrace the basic premise by adding plenty of humor and heart to it, in what appears to be a wholesome story about a family facing a problem they have never encountered before.

You can watch the first trailer for Jules below, before the movie opens in theaters on August 11:


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Written by Diego Peralta

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