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Interview: Jack Quaid Strips Down Hughie from ‘The Boys’ For The ‘Verse!

From his debut in The Hunger Games, to his recent jaunt into the Star Trek universe, Jack Quaid is no stranger to being a part of the pop culture lexicon. His most recognized role though must be Hughie, from Prime Video’s The Boys. It only seems fitting that Jack would sit down and talk with our own pop culture aficionados over at The ‘Verse!, and give us the full monty.

Season three of the satirical superhero dramedy takes Jack’s character, Hughie, to a whole new level as the normally very average guy gets an upgrade via some temporary powers. This new dynamic evolves Hughie’s relationships with his teammates as well as his girlfriend Annie, aka Starlight of The Seven (Erin Moriarty). Unfortunately, it didn’t evolve for the better. Hughie’s use of “Temp V” gives him power, and as we all know power corrupts. 

Quaid takes us through the ups and downs of the life of a Hughie, a regular guy trying to be a hero in a world full of actual superheroes. For this and much more listen to the full interview below.

On the darker side of Hughie:

“What I love about this season for Hughie is that his dark side shines out a little bit;which I think is actually really a good thing for a character that’s supposed to be the good guy, the moral center, the everyman hero. I think that if you really want an audience to sympathize with the character, or think of that character as the good guy, you need to give that character an opportunity to fail and then learn from that mistake. Then he can see a whole new world after that and change. So that was Temp V was the opportunity to do that, because when he takes Temporary V, his dark side comes out. I love showing that Hughie is kind of dealing with a toxic masculinity thing this season. I think it’s because he’s a character that is consistently in every season of the show, been the least powerful one, and that’s weighing on him.”

On finally being able to get physical and do stunts:

“Oh, man, it was a dream come true. All I really had to do was like shove a guy when I first joined the show. I had a whole stunt tutorial, that was all about how to get hit and how to fight badly. So the fact that I got to like punch A-Train or shove Homelander. They’re little things, but they meant a lot to me. All the credit for how wonderful the fight scenes in season three has to go to our incredible stunt team. But the head of that is John Koyama, who is an absolute legend.”

On getting superpowers:

“Nightcrawler is my favorite X Men. So it’s a cool power to have. I’ll get naked for Nightcrawler powers any day. But I love that it had this emotional cost. You know, he’s sinking further and further into his ego, essentially. Getting to dip into a different side of the character ultimately shows him to be a better person than he was at the top of the season.”

Courtesy of Prime Video

On acting while nude:

“I had this power where I had to be naked a lot. And it’s so weird the first time you do it. The first time I did it was the scene in the Russian lab where he teleports for the first time and I’m surrounded by everyone else in clothes. Cast, crew, everyone, and that’s like most people’s worst nightmares. And then do that a few more times and then get to Herogasm. I felt so comfortable in Herogasm because I was used to being naked and I’m surrounded by naked people. I wasn’t the only one. So it was really great and all those background performers were some of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with.”

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Written by Norm Felker

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