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Interview: Zoe Lister-Jones on Creating an Incredible Multiverse in ‘Slip’

Zoe Lister-Jones, who has shown her versatility with films like Band Aid and How It Ends and TV roles in shows like Life in Pieces, now she serves as writer, creator, director, and star of the Roku series Slip. She portrays Mae Cannon, whose desire to escape from her life leads her to unexpectedly travel through parallel universes to get to know different versions of herself based on choices she might have made.

Awards Radar had the chance to speak to Lister-Jones about what inspired her to go down this particular rabbit hole:

“I’ve always been interested in exploring the complexities of modern relationships, and every time I do so I try to approach it from a different angle or a different lens, so Slip does feel like the next step in that artistic evolution…I always start with a central question that I’m personally wrestling with, and I think, with Slip, it was around what we do with our desire for more at any stage in life. I think it’s so hard to not feel insatiable and restless constantly, and I wanted to look at desire, particularly through the lens of female sexuality and how those two things intermingle. I conceived of it about a year before quarantine, and then quarantine hit, and I think all of those questions became a lot louder.”

She also addressed whether she modeled her multiverse after anything else:

“I tried to not watch too many multiverse films or series, because I think I wanted this to live on its own. I definitely watched a lot of erotic cinema. I think I wanted to look at that historically, in terms of the portrayal of female pleasure specifically, and I wanted to see ways in which I could elevate the genre and maybe in some ways subvert it.”

Watch the full conversation below:

Season one of Slip is available to stream on Roku.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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