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Awards Radar Salutes Those Who Sacrificed on Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. Unlike Veterans Day, where we honor those who have served in the armed forces, this holiday is far more specific. It’s meant to honor the individuals who gave their lives in service of the nation. Whether in a World War or a senseless tragedy, they were serving us, so they all deserve our respect and thoughts. So, while this holiday is, like all the others, becoming as much about fun and shopping as anything else, don’t forget its original meaning.

My grandfather served in the Army during the Korean War. Now, he was stationed in Kentucky and by his own account was mostly drunk during it, but still. Of course, he passed away at 84 and not in combat, but it’s a connection, mostly by way of stories, that tied me to a prior generation’s military service.

Our own Robert Hamer is a veteran as well. He’s obviously still with us, but I know this is a solemn day for him. We almost all know someone who served, whether they’re family or friends, and it doesn’t take too much extrapolation to come across someone we’ve lost. I’m obviously sensitive to losing people these days, so the power of it all is not lost on me.

So, while it’s certainly a day to enjoy yourself, potentially at a barbecue or perhaps at the movies, keep those we’ve lost in mind. Memorial Day is meant to be somber, so at the very least, mix in some reflection with the fun. It’s good for the soul.

Awards Radar salutes those who served and wishes all of you a happy and safe Memorial Day!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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