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Interview: Dewshane Williams on Playing Herb and the Dazzling Experience of ‘Hello Tomorrow!’

The Apple TV+ series Hello Tomorrow! imagines a world in which settlement on the moon is a way of moving up, leaving behind a dismal life on Earth for the magic of being able to look down on the planet from luxury lunar accommodations. Among those selling that pipe dream is Herb (Dewshane Williams), a salesman fiercely committed to his job and a true believer in the power of imagination.

Awards Radar had the chance to speak with Williams about what it was like to be part of a retro-futuristic series and how real it felt:

“I felt like I was being transported every day I showed up on set. That has a lot to do with things like the wardrobe, the production design, the writing style. All the characters had their own little quirks. Adjusting my speech pattern to accommodate for Herb’s intentional way of speaking. I discovered he used a lot of alliteration, so immediately when I show up on set, putting on the wardrobe and then entering Vistaville, essentially, I was transported to the past, but then I’m seeing these robots serve us martinis. And so it felt like a parallel universe of sorts.”

He had high praise for his costar Susan Heyward, and expanded on the dynamic between Herb and his wife Betty:

“Susan was incredible. She was so lovely to work with. I think our characters needed each other. There was an aspect of duality within that relationship. And I feel like it gave Herb a lot to work with. His motivation was deeply rooted in family. Susan was so layered with her approach to the character that some days you felt like she was a sweetheart, and then some days you felt like she was devious. That balance that she was discovering was really fascinating for me to also explore and discover as an actor.”

Listen to the full conversation below.

Season one of Hello Tomorrow! is streaming on Apple TV+.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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