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Interview: Joshua Jackson And Lizzy Caplan Talk Reimagining ‘Fatal Attraction’

Fatal Attraction is one of those iconic movies that nearly anyone can quote from, and if not quote, then you can recall that infamous rabbit scene. It’s a sexy romp that lingers as a classic popcorn thriller with unforgettable performances by Glenn Close (Alex Forrest) and Michael Douglas (Dan Gallagher).

Three decades later, actors Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan explore new terrain as Alex and Dan in Paramount +’s Fatal Attraction. Reimagining it for TV allowed the actors to breathe new life into these characters, partly thanks to the broader storytelling updated for our modern times.

An updated Fatal Attraction gives a more nuanced approach to how these characters’ lives unfurl on screen. Unlike the film, the series has the luxury of time to ruminate on topics like personality disorder, privilege, and gender dynamics, while also uncovering how an affair ripples through generations.

Viewers will see Dan (a sharp portrayal by Jackson) deal with the repercussions of his affair and how those repercussions affect his life 15 years after Alex storms into the picture. Then, there’s the story Alex is given, a refreshing deep dive excellently played by Caplan. Viewers will get to see a multi-dimensional characterization, one that focuses on Alex’s perspective and her history of mental illness.

Actors Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan sat down with Awards Radar to discuss all this and more. Watch the interview below:


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Written by Niki Cruz

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