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Interview: Della Saba on Connecting with the Style and the Era of ‘Physical’

The 1980s-set Apple TV+ comedy Physical follows Sheila (Rose Byrne), a woman struggling to stay positive against the demeaning voice in her head who finds unexpected purpose in aerobics. In its second season, the show expands Sheila’s world to show new problems to overcome, but still features some of its first season’s best characters, like her former partner and current rival Bunny (Della Saba).

Awards Radar had the chance to speak with Saba, whose demeanor was much friendlier than her onscreen persona, about what she sees of herself in the character:

“I think maybe more of my core inner life is like her, but I think we express things incredibly differently. Bunny expresses herself through anger. I think [we have] the same vulnerability, and I relate to the feeling of sometimes feeling like the outsider, and wanting to belong, which I think is very much at her core. But for her, her anger can either explode or implode on herself, and I definitely don’t live there as a person. It was really tapping into that anger part.”

She also spoke about the challenges of portraying an aerobics instructor:

“It was one of my favorite parts of it. I got to learn, on this show, aerobics, which was great through the pandemic, because I don’t love exercise, but as soon as you have a role, you become incredibly driven. I watched every aerobics tape online…and that was truly my favorite bit. Also, because through COVID, we didn’t get to be around people, and those were the moments to be with a group of people.”

Watch the full conversation below.

Seasons one and two of Physical are streaming on Apple TV+.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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