Netflix’s ‘The Piano Lesson’ to Star Samuel L. Jackson and John David Washington

A powerful theatre production is about to become a significant film adaptation, as Netflix has announced that they are working on their own version of The Piano Lesson. Featuring performances from Samuel L. Jackson and John David Washington, the project is set to take the best elements from the stage to the screen.

Set in 1936 Pittsburgh during the aftermath of the Great Depression, The Piano Lesson follows the lives of the Charles family in the Doaker Charles household and an heirloom, the family piano, which is decorated with designs carved by an enslaved ancestor. The play is a part of August Wilson’s 10 play “American Century Cycle”.

Malcolm Washington will make his directorial debut with the upcoming adaptation, sitting behind the camera for the first time after previously working on projects such as Jon Favreau‘s Chef. In that 2014 comedy, Favreau played Carl Casper, a chef who has big ambitions of pursuing an innovative cuisine through experimentation, while his boss prefers for the establishment to keep the old recipes in the spotlight.

In the meantime, Samuel L. Jackson has been quite busy reprising his role of Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First, he’ll be a part of a conspiracy drama set around a group of skrulls who are trying to take over the Earth in Secret Invasion. Later this year, he’ll reunite with an old friend when The Marvels hits theaters.

Source: Netflix Press Release


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Written by Diego Peralta

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