Nancy Meyers Looking for New Home with Warner Bros. After Rom-Com Dropped by Netflix

After recently being dropped by Netflix over a budget disagreement, Nancy Meyers’ directing return may have a new life with Warner Bros. who are said to be in exploratory talks for picking up the film. Meyers had been set up at Netflix for over a year, but recent developments of Netflix capping their budget at $130 million led to a fallout between the two sides and Netflix shutting down the project.

It was unclear after the fallout if Meyers would continue to shop the film with other studios, and Warner Bros., despite many efforts to reduce costs over the last year, may be the one to pick it up. With an A-list cast circling the film, and the script ready for production as soon as this summer, sources say the studio is attracted to the Meyers rom-com, but their budget ceiling remains unclear. 

Worthy of note is that if a deal with Warner Bros. is finalized, the film is far more likely to receive a theatrical release in comparison to a deal with Netflix as a streamer-first model. Rom-coms have not fared well at the box office of late, but Warner is likely hoping for a revival with Meyers and her unique sense of elevated work in the genre.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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Written by Danny Jarabek

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