Nancy Meyers Returning to Direct a $130M-Plus Comedy with Netflix

After eight years away from directing feature films, Nancy Meyers is gearing up to make a return for a comedy film reported to be for Netflix with a budget of at least $130 million. Meyers, who has become known for her brand of elevated romantic comedy that has defined her filmography, last directed The Intern in 2015.

With this potential return, she is attracting some major star talent for key roles, including Scarlett Johansson garnering attention in the lead role. Penélope Cruz, Owen Wilson, and Michael Fassbender are also in talks to join the production. 

Currently filed as Paris Paramount (unclear if this is a potential title or code name), Meyers is set to write, direct, and produce the film which is believed to mimic part of her own life following a filmmaker who starts and leaves a romantic and professional relationship with a producer after making several films together. This could potentially parallel Meyers’ personal and working relationship with Charles Shyer after they made a series of films together.  

If the reported budget is true, it would become the most expensive of the rom-com genre from Hollywood. With this level of financial backing paired with Meyers coming out of an eight-year hiatus and the star performance power in conversation to join, the film could become a massive priority for Netflix and their original content.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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Written by Danny Jarabek

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