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Awards Radar Community: Share Your ‘Creed III’ and ‘Rocky’ Franchise Thoughts!


Creed III is now in theaters! The latest Creed sequel, which continues the long running Rocky franchise, is drawing strong reviews (including from yours truly), as well as seems to be doing terrific box office numbers. So, the series is clearly still running strong. As such, I wanted to tie this weekend’s Awards Radar Community Question in with the Creed / Rocky films. Let’s make it simple…what are your thoughts on these movies in general, as well as the latest installment?

I ranked the entire franchise here, but this here is some of what I said about Creed III, specifically:

Three times now, the Creed franchise has proven that they’re not only worthy sequels to the Rocky series, they’ve arguably exceeded expectations. Creed III continues that run, managing to give you a logical sequel to Creed II, while also pulling influences from both Rocky III and, interestingly, Rocky V. It’s a remix of the format in a manner that many won’t expect, but results in a film that suggests there’s plenty of life in these boxing tales yet.

Creed III is not just one of the better sequels in the franchise, it’s a coming out party for star Michael B. Jordan as a director. Sure, it also marks the official exit for Sylvester Stallone from what was initially the Rocky movies, but it’s charting its own path. His lack of a presence would have sank a lesser flick, but here, while he would have been welcome, it does feel like they made a good choice for the future, with potentially more installments still to come.

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Now, it’s your turn. What are your thoughts on the Creed and Rocky movies? Specifically, if you saw the newest film, we’re all ears for your take. Have at it, folks…

What did you think of Creed III? Let us know!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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