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Interview: Jason Segel Returns to Talk ‘Shrinking’ and More!

As I said during our prior interview (here), there are few actors in Hollywood more inherently likable than Jason Segel. He just radiates warmth. Whether you fell for his charm on How I Met Your Mother or in one of his Judd Apatow collaborations, it happened at some point. I’ve long admired both his comedic, as well as dramatic work, so it was a delight back in 2019 to have seen Our Friend. Segel co-stars with Casey Affleck and Dakota Johnson in the truly life drama about the power of friendship. Does it sound potentially corny? Sure. Is it a really strong film? That it is. So, it was an absolute pleasure to be offered up the chance to talk over Zoom with him, and not just about the flick, either. He’s a wonderfully personable guy, which is always a bonus. It made for a genuine pleasure, which I think is reflected in the chat you’re about to (hopefully) enjoy. This time around, the opportunity was for his Apple TV+ show Shrinking. Yesterday, I shared my discussion with Bill Lawrence (here), and now it’s Segel’s turn today.

Below, you can hear my new chat with Segel. Having spoken with him before on a few occasions, it was easy to slide back into a quick back and forth. While I was fascinated to hear why Shrinking was the right project at the right time, I couldn’t resist asking about a certain line delivery that he brings back here from at least one of his films. Movies or television, Segel has got the goods, with this being absolutely no exception…

Here now is my interview with Shrinking star Jason Segel. Enjoy:

Shrinking streams on Apple TV+ beginning on January 27th!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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