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Interview: Jason Segel Talks Muppets, ‘Our Friend,’ And Much More!

There are few actors in Hollywood more inherently likable than Jason Segel. He just radiates warmth. Whether you fell for his charm on How I Met Your Mother or in one of his Judd Apatow collaborations, it happened at some point. I’ve long admired both his comedic, as well as dramatic work, so it was a delight back in 2019 to have seen Our Friend. Segel co-stars with Casey Affleck and Dakota Johnson in the truly life drama about the power of friendship. Does it sound potentially corny? Sure. Is it a really strong film? That it is. So, it was an absolute pleasure to be offered up the chance to talk over Zoom with him, and not just about the flick, either. He’s a wonderfully personable guy, which is always a bonus. It made for a genuine pleasure, which I think is reflected in the chat you’re about to (hopefully) enjoy.

Below, you can see and hear my interview with Jason Segel. Of course, we spoke about his terrific work in the new movie Our Friend (reviewed here). We chatted about reuniting with Johnson (she had a small part in The Five Year Engagement), as well as what attracted him to the project. Mostly, we just moved from topic to topic, starting off with Segel complimenting me on my shirt. Having spoken to him years back for The End of the Tour, I made sure to bring back up The Muppets, which led to a really perceptive comment from him about how he made the last truly great Muppets product. It was a wonderful chat, one I wish could have been longer. Segel was great, so I’m excited to share it with you all now.

Here now is my interview with Our Friend star Jason Segel. Enjoy:

If you don’t want to see my ugly mug (which is completely understandable), the audio is right here, complete with a bonus intro:

Our Friend is out now, so be sure to check it (and Segel) out!


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[…] for their comedic work but have stepped into much more dramatic territory in recent years. Segel received critical acclaim for his performances in Our Friend and The End of the Tour, the latter […]



Written by Joey Magidson

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