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Interview: Emile Hirsch Returns to Talk About ‘The Price We Pay’

As I said the last time I interviewed him (found here), I’m a big Emile Hirsch fan. Obviously, he’s amazing in Into the Wild, which I maintain is one of the bigger Oscar snubs in Best Actor, to date. However, if you dig a little deeper, I love some of his other performances from around that time just as much, including in the criminally underrated Imaginary Heroes. He’s a talented actor who deserves a strong platform for his work. This week, Hirsch is back chatting with me, this time for his fun and gory genre effort The Price We Pay. The film is a change of pace for him, so it was a pleasure to break down what attracted him to it. Plus, we just get along, so our discussions seem to go pretty well, with this being no exception.

In my review of The Price We Pay (here), I had this to say about Hirsch’s turn:

Stephen Dorff and Emile Hirsch get to lend some star power to a decidedly low budget affair, with the latter also getting to have a blast in the process. Dorff is a solid robber with a heart of gold, while Hirsch is the unhinged criminal who seems to be enjoying it all a bit too much. He goes big, which you don’t get to see from Hirsch too often, making him a highlight here.

Below, you can see my chat with Hirsch. The Price We Pay is our focus, though my admiration of several of his prior projects again shines through. The familiarity we have with each other did seem to make this conversation go even smoother, alongside the fact that he’s clearly tickled to be making a movie like this. It’s out now, so especially if you like Hirsch’s work, this is a fun little flick to take in, as a bit of awards season counter-programming…


Here now is my interview with The Price We Pay star Emile Hirsch. Enjoy:

The Price We Pay is out now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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