Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler to Star in Noah Baumbach’s Next Netflix Film?

At the end of 2022, the New York Post announced (via The Playlist) that Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler would be teaming up to star in the next film directed by Noah Baumbach, set to be released on Netflix according to an industry source.

While Netflix hasn’t yet confirmed the rumor, that certainly proves to be a likely scenario. Sandler and Baumbach have previously collaborated on Netflix’s The Meyerowitz Stories, and Pitt has previously starred in the Netflix project War Machine. Baumbach has released multiple titles with Netflix, including his most recent Oscar-contending film, White Noise.

A collaboration between these three could prove to be quite a display of talent. All three of these men have had a very successful 2022. Baumbach’s White Noise has earned him high praise and awards consideration, as well as Sandler’s performance in Hustle, a Netflix release, and Pitt’s performance in Damien Chazelle’s latest film, Babylon. Chances are, these three teaming up could certainly produce a project of similar high regard.

Source: The Playlist


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Written by Miles Foster

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