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Interview: Ben Foster Returns to Talk About the Challenges of ‘Emancipation’

Like I said about six months ago when I spoke to him last (that interview for The Survivor can be seen here), Ben Foster is one of the best actors in the business. No matter what you see him in, his commitment, intensity, and screen presence is impossible to ignore. Something like Hell or High Water several years ago perfectly showcases his skills, and he was a major Oscar snub. Here, he has one of his most challenging roles to date in Emancipation, which made for another fascinating conversation with a man that I not only get along really well with, but have a strong appreciation for. Today, our latest chat comes your way.

Below, you can see my discussion with Foster. Again, we’ve spoken several times over the years, and like I mentioned last time, we literally bumped into each other once in New York City (on my birthday, no less), so there’s a familiarity between us. Before and after I was recording, we were talking about family and even Paw Patrol, believe it or not, but when the red light was on, the focus was on Emancipation. It was quite enlightening to find out about how he not only researched the role, but how he found it within himself to play it. Plus, as always, he’s a great guy to talk to, as you’ll once again bear witness to next…

This is some of what I had to say about Foster in my review (here) of Emancipation:

Ben Foster is good and at his best when given more to do. He’s an icy villain and dedicated to the difficult role


Here now is my interview with Emancipation co-star Ben Foster. Enjoy:

Emancipation is out now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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