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Awards Radar Community: The Midterm Elections Are Tomorrow and Your Vote is Needed!

Tomorrow, America goes to the polls.

We at Awards Radar have not been shy about sharing our political opinions. It’s something I wholeheartedly encourage, too. After all, regardless of the size of this platform, it’s still a platform, and there’s some degree of responsibility there. So, it’s something we do from time to time. Not only did we make yesterday’s Sunday Scaries column election themed here, but we’ve literally endorsed a President (here). Throw in our prior election post here from two years ago, and we, unlike some actual candidates this time around, are very pro Democracy.

So, with Election Day tomorrow, I just want to encourage all of you who lives stateside to vote. If you’re one of our valued international readers, make sure your American friends are voting. The midterm elections are too important to sit this one out…

I’d like to close by sharing what our own Robert Hamer posted as a comment on yesterday’s Sunday Scaries post. This is what he had to say:

And it’s not just reproductive rights that are at stake, either. Consider:

  • The United Nations recently issued a stark warning that we are falling far short of keeping the global temperature rise below the critical threshold of 1.5° C. Our chances of avoiding a truly dire climate crisis within our lifetimes are becoming vanishingly slim. Depending on how the balance of power shifts in Congress, that may slip further to nil.
  • The Supreme Court has already gutted the Voting Rights Act to the point where it is barely a functioning law at all and are very likely to rule in favor of the “Independent Legislature Theory” next year, which would give state legislatures absolute power over the conduct of their elections and which results to accept, with no constraints whatsoever. Not even from their own state constitutions. Depending on how many state legislatures flip next Tuesday, we may very likely have a situation where Donald Trump is just declared the winner by fiat in several critical swing states in 2024 regardless of how the votes actually turn out.
  • Even in just the short two years they’ve been investigating it, the January 6th insurrection committee has uncovered a shocking number of connections between the participants of that insurrection and high-level Republican politicians and operatives. The midterm results could very well force them to close their investigation prematurely and cover up the full breadth of the previous administration’s crimes to make room for endless nonsense hearings about Hunter Biden’s laptop and whatever new stupid conspiracy theory they’re ascribing to Anthony Fauci.
  • One of the very few things the Biden Administration has surprised me with are the number and caliber of his judicial appointments — he’s been remarkably successful in sort of undoing the damage his predecessor did on shoveling in Federalist Society hacks to the federal courts. If the U.S. Senate shifts to the Republicans, there will be zero new judges appointed under this current administration.
  • Are you upset about the state of the economy right now? Even though it’s objectively better than it was two years ago? Watch how much worse it will get when Republicans threaten a government shutdown every month in exchange for cuts to social security and Medicare. Watch how many stocks and futures tank when House Speaker McCarthy threatens to use his subpoena power to harass any company that enforces anti-discrimination and anti-hate speech policies on their online platforms.
  • Ukraine is doing a heroically successful job fending off an invasion from a corrupt megalomaniacal autocrat trying to re-establish the Soviet Union as an imperialist superpower in all but name. If Republicans take control of Congress, all of the support we’ve given them to keep themselves in the fight goes away and we will very likely have a party emboldened to reward Vladimir Putin for his war of aggression and encourage him to keep going after taking Ukraine.
  • Are you worried about the safety of your gay, bi, trans, and gender-nonconforming friends? Not happy with all of these “anti-groomer” laws being passed with the explicit goal of criminalizing the existence of LGBTQ+ Americans? Watch as that gets even worse if Republicans do well next Tuesday. They will absolutely feel empowered to adopt increasingly genocidal language towards them in 2023 and beyond.

So yeah. Make a plan. Get out and vote. After getting their butts handed to them in the 1934 midterms, Republicans realized they could not run on dismantling the New Deal. We can deliver a similar rebuke to them on Tuesday and possibly force them to abandon Trumpism, if we collectively act like adults and learn from the mistakes of 2010 and 1994.

Go vote in the midterm elections tomorrow! Awards Radar approves this message.


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Written by Joey Magidson

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