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Interview: Marc Maron Talks Acting, Podcasting, and More!

In the world of podcasting, Marc Maron stands alone. WTF with Marc Maron is not just the best interview podcast out there, it’s one of the best podcasts, bar none. In addition to dominating that world with his personal style, Maron is also an accomplished comedian and now actor. Whether you loved his small turns in Almost Famous or Joker, his bigger performances on television with GLOW and Maron, or anything in between, he’s been establishing himself as a performer on a whole new level. With To Leslie, he has a juicy supporting part that he knocks out of the part, turning in arguably his best work to date in the movie. In support of that flick, I had the chance to hop on Zoom and talk to Maron. As a fan of his podcast, as well as his stand up, it was an opportunity I wouldn’t think of turning down. Today, that discussion comes your way.

Below, you can see my conversation with Maron. We met to talk To Leslie, where he’s a central co-star, but I couldn’t resist bringing up his podcast. We’d actually scheduled this for the day after his birthday, which made for a fun way to begin the chat. We spoke a bit about Armageddon Time (reviewed here out of Telluride) and The Fabelmans (reviewed here out of TIFF), since I do like to hear his takes on awards season fare. We also just talk about life, including some of his grief, as well as my less than private personal issues. In some ways, it’s like WTF and Awards Radar integrated for a few minutes, and I was overjoyed. Plus, he’s just excellent in the film, opposite an also top notch Andrea Riseborough, which you should definitely check out.

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This is some of what I had to say about Maron’s work opposite Riseborough in my review (found here) of To Leslie:

Andrea Riseborough has rarely been better than she is here in the lead, while Marc Maron does career best work in a prime supporting role. Both are given parts like this far too infrequently, so it’s a pleasure to see. Riseborough shows why she’s one of the industry’s most underrated talents, while Maron takes an unlikely character for him and more than makes it his own. It’s as impressive as anything he’s done on screens, to date. 

Here now is my interview with actor, comedian, podcaster, and To Leslie co-star Marc Maron. Enjoy:

To Leslie is in theaters now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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