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‘Big Sky: Deadly Trails’ is Full of Big Stars and Bigger Mysteries


The latest season of Big Sky brings with it big changes, starting with a new title Big Sky: Deadly Trails. That’s just the beginning for the Montana-based mystery series known for delivering thrilling stories and endearing characters over the last two seasons. Season three promises bigger mysteries by pairing season-long storylines with episodic thriller episodes, plus the addition of a pair of big stars Reba McEntire and Jensen Ackles.

Don’t worry though, Deadly Trails will continue to offer much of the same Big Sky intrigue and excitement fans have come to love starting with the return of stars Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury as undersheriff Jenny Hoyt and Private detective Cassie Dewell. The dynamic duo are back to investigate all the strange doings headed to Helena, Montana as only they can. With a missing backpacker, a new sheriff in town and a murderer on the loose, there’s going to be a lot to love.

The stars of Big Sky: Deadly Trails recently discussed the series during the 2022 Summer TCA Press Tour where McEntire and Ackles explained why they decided to join the series. “To get to come on this show with such wonderful characters already established and with great storylines,” said McEntire who plays outfitter Sunny Barnes – a character who wears a smile but may be hiding something behind it. “I am looking forward to every time I get a script to see what happens, that’s when I know the audience is going to be entertained and that’s what drew me to this show.  It’s wonderfully exciting and I just can’t wait to know what’s going to happen.”


“When my initial conversation with Elwood (Showrunner/Executive Producer Elwood Reid) took place, he mentioned shaking some stuff up for season three, and I thought I can shake,” joked Ackles. “I feel like it was a natural fit and it was an opportunity to come and work with some really grade-A actors and work with some awesome story,” he continued. “Really, it just came down to the fact that he said Reba was coming too.  I was in.  I was in a penny for a pound.  That’s it.”

Kylie Bunbury discussed the addition of the newly appointed sheriff, Beau Arlen (played by Ackles) to the mix. “I feel like we are being blessed with the opportunity to work with two consummate professionals who are really good at what they do but also bring a certain energy that makes you just feel excited to work, excited to be here.” She continued, “We get to learn from them as well.  And, yeah, it’s honestly just a privilege to be able to work with the both of them, and that we do this every season.”

After fifteen seasons of the wildly popular Supernatural, Ackles looks forward to a new challenge of on Deadly Trails. “At the end of the day, you try to find what is really at the heart of these characters. Talking about their own kind of justice, that’s the interesting thing – these characters, they all think they’re right.  Whether they’re wrong or not, they’re doing what they feel is right in their heart,” explained Ackles.

BIG SKY: DEADLY TRAILS :(ABC/Michael Moriatis) JENSEN ACKLES, Katheryn Winnick

The actor also mentioned a story of a famous actor who played bad guys his whole career being asked, ‘Why do you always play bad guys?’ “He said, ‘I’ve never played a bad guy in my life,’ continued Ackles. “And I think that that kind of — if you take that approach with any character, then it has a little bit more complexity than just playing a bad guy.”

“This year was could we tell an enclosed mystery story along with our longer arced out story of the season. It’s a puzzle,” said Reid. One of this season’s biggest puzzles viewers can’t wait to solve, will we get to hear Reba sing? Reid teased the answer fans were hoping for, “As far as her character, I think when you see her arc, there may be a little bit space for her to sing, but she’s on a pretty dark journey right now trying to hold this messed up family together.  Might be a murder ballad.” We can’t wait.

Get your cowboy boots, grab your badges and prepare for a wild ride, because as Winnick explained, “It feels like it’s a whole new season this year.  It really does.  A whole new script, in terms of the storylines, it’s completely different, new cast, new energy.”

Big Sky: Deadly Trails premieres Wednesday, September 21, at 10 p.m. on ABC.


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