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HFPA Looking to Bring The Golden Globes Back To Television

After the Golden Globes Awards Ceremony was not held this year due to the controversies surrounding the HFPA’s lack of diversity, the aforementioned Association is looking to make sure that not only the 2023 Ceremony takes place, but it is also televised.

The Hollywood Reporter mentions in a piece yesterday that, while major changes have been slowly introduced to the HFPA structure over the past year, there is still a long way to go, since members who reside outside of the Los Angeles area might not even be considered full members of the Association.

Another noteworthy fact surrounding the whole situation is how apparently a considerable amount of HFPA’s members voted against the implementation of the changes, while they had to be apply nevertheless in order to attempt to fix the Association’s image.

Representatives from Hollywood Foreign Press Association have been in constant dialogue with several Hollywood publicists, even hiring some of them as part of a “PR advisory committee.”It remains to be seen if the addition of this group will achieve the change this group desperately needs.

While there is a perception around Hollywood that the HFPA is truly evolving, the final word will have to come from NBC, their broadcasting partners since 1996. Back when they made the decision to pass on the 2022 Ceremony, the broadcaster was firm in believing that, while the Association could change, they couldn’t collaborate with the HFPA during that moment.

A proposed date, shall the 2023 ceremony become a reality, would be Tuesday, January 10th. That would differ from the traditional Sunday date for the awards, given how the first three Sundays of next year have already been booked by other major television events. However, it is said that NBC is still deliberating wether they will broadcast the ceremony or not.

Source: THR


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Written by Diego Peralta

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