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Interview: Phil Dunster Chats About the Evolution of Jamie Tartt on ‘Ted Lasso’

As someone who came to Ted Lasso later than most (ironically last Emmy season, when I spoke to Zach Braff here about directing an episode), the pleasures of the show are newer to me. Chief among them is watching how the characters evolve, notably including star player Jamie Tartt. Season One had Tartt, played brilliantly by Phil Dunster, as someone that’s harder to root for than most of the players. However, Season Two evolved the character in a truly compelling way. Credit for that obviously goes to the writers, as Dunster was quick to say during our discussion, but he should get some praise as well. Truly, he does a great job. A while back, he hopped on Zoom to talk with me about Ted Lasso, among other things, and today we share that chat with you.

Below, you can hear my conversation with Dunster. We recorded this earlier on in the day, a few hours before I spoke to Miley Cyrus (you can hear that interview here) and Dunster was super curious what that was going to be like. He’s also a lovely guy, which made this a really easy back and forth. It doesn’t hurt that Ted Lasso is more or less the most pleasurable show on television. With it up for Emmy consideration and likely to do very well, it was a great point to check in with Dunster, since his career is about to explode, even more so than it already has. If you somehow haven’t seen Ted Lasso yet, and considering even I’ve watched it all, do yourself a favor and remedy that immediately. You’ll be glad that you did…

Here now is my interview with Ted Lasso actor Phil Dunster. Enjoy:

Season Two of Ted Lasso is available to watch on Apple TV+ right now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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