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Interview: ‘This Is Us’ Star Susan Kelechi Watson Talks Six Seasons of Magic

Actress Susan Kelechi Watson has played the beloved Beth Pearson, wife to Randall Pearson, for six years on the hit NBC show This Is Us. As a part of the ensemble show, Beth brings her insights and moments of levity as she often observes “The Big Three” throughout their various stages of life.

Through the years of quips and unforgettable one-liners, fans fell in love with Beth, in part, due to the brilliant standout work by Watson. Audiences cheered for “R&B love” as they made it through hell and back on their own journeys and as a married couple.  

“A lot of the time, people call Beth and Randall couples goals, but if they don’t go through anything you can’t be the goal because everything is supposed to have some kind of challenge,” said Watson. “I was proud of the way the show showed their challenges. It’s not perfect, and yet they can recover, and to me, that’s a couple’s goal.”

In season four, Beth finally got the spotlight, standing on her own after pursuing her dream to return to dance. A year later, Watson struck a chord, delivering one of the most memorable speeches in the season five premiere, “A Tragedy In Two Parts.” Summing up multiple tragedies our nation was going through, Beth’s wise words became the most quoted throughout the series: “This pain is not forever. This moment in time is not forever. Nothing is forever, except us.”

 “I was beyond happy to do that episode because it really felt like it was representing something that was bigger than ourselves, that felt so necessary,” said Watson.

Later on, viewers got to see Susan Kelechi Watson stretch her craft further as co-writer of “Our Little Island Girl (part 2),” a significant episode that fully cemented her character as a mentor. That kind of finely crafted care for each character is a rarity in an ensemble show, and because of that specificity, the show tapped into everyone’s story. 

“Nothing was off-limits with this show. It was going to come for you…some topic in there pertains to your life, or mine, or the person next to me,’ said Watson. “I feel like in some ways maybe that was the point for us all to be able to see ourselves… maybe it was about seeing the best of ourselves even in bad situations.”

Susan Kelechi Watson spoke to Awards Radar about her award-worthy performance on This Is Us and what fans can expect from tonight’s series finale.

The final episode of This Is Us airs tonight.


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Written by Niki Cruz

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