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Joey’s Home Movies For the Week of May 2nd – ‘The Outfit’ and ‘Turning Red’ Lead the Way

Welcome back to my Home Movies! Today, we have the latest Pixar outing Turning Red duking it out for top honors with an acting showcase in The Outfit. Both are solid 2022 releases hitting shelves, to say the least. Which film emerged victorious this week? Find out below…

Joey’s Top Pick

WE’VE GOT YOUR (FLUFFY) BACK – In Disney and Pixar’s all-new original feature film “Turning Red,” everything is going great for 13-year-old Mei—until she begins to “poof” into a giant panda when she gets too excited. Fortunately, her tightknit group of friends have her fantastically fluffy red panda back. Featuring the voices of Rosalie Chiang, Ava Morse, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Hyein Park as Mei, Miriam, Priya and Abby, “Turning Red” opens in theaters on March 11, 2022. © 2021 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Turning Red

The latest Pixar success story, Turning Red has a lot to offer. It’s obviously a giant metaphor (no pun intended), but it also manages to be very entertaining, while remaining deeply specific. There’s a ton to like and a ton to dig into, making it a full meal for adults and kids alike. Truly, there’s something for everyone found within. This here is some of what I had to say in my review:

Turning Red is less ambitious than something like Inside Out or Soul, while still attempting to get at the core of human experience. In some ways, it’s a great companion piece to last year’s Luca. While that was about friendship and a bit of a love-letter to being a pre-teen boy in the summer, this flick looks at family and especially a girl becoming a woman. Without ever becoming deeper than expected, it’s still thoroughly well done and well realized.

Recommended Viewing

Zoey Deutch (left) stars as “Mable” and Mark Rylance (right) stars as “Leonard” in director Graham Moore’s THE OUTFIT, a Focus Features release. Courtesy of Nick Wall / Focus Features

The Outfit

There are few stronger acting showcases so far this year than what we see in The Outfit. I spoke to director Graham Moore here, actor Dylan O’Brien here, and actress Zoey Deutch here, so be sure to check those out. They each get into how this crime drama is all about performances, including star Mark Rylance, who is aces. My review of the film (here) included this bit:

The Outfit is a slow burn that builds into something fairly hypnotic. Watching a supposedly simple tailor attempt to outwit dangerous men in order to survive a fateful night is inherently compelling. Watching this cast do it? Well, that’s even more so the case. The more the plot progresses, the more compelled you are to see what these men and women are driven to do next.

Also Available This Week

Prime Video


The Good Fight: Season Five (TV)

Jurassic Camp Cretaceous Set 1 Seasons 1-3 (TV)

Mr. Jones

The Pink Cloud

Without Remorse (Interview here with Jodie Turner-Smith)

No Criterion releases today. Sorry! Stay tuned for more next week, including a new Criterion Collection release…


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Written by Joey Magidson

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