‘Moon Knight’ Episode Two Recap: “Summon the Suit”

*Warning: This piece contains spoilers for episode two of Moon Knight*

After a fun and fresh first episode, Moon Knight continues its mysterious charm into its second episode.

This Moon Knight episode begins with Steven (Oscar Isaac) returning to work at the museum the next day only for him to be blamed for the damage caused in the previous night’s attack. After the security footage only shows Steven (revealing the jackal to only be visible to him), the museum sacks him, but promises they won’t press charges.

Using one of Marc’s key cards, Steven finds his way to a storage unit owned by Marc. In this unit, Steven discovers a gym bag full of foreign money, a gun, the scarab from the previous episode, and a passport with the name: Marc Spector. Using his reflection in the mirror again, Marc tries to convince Steven to allow him to take over his body, but Steven firmly refuses and flees.

Outside the storage facility, Steven is picked up by Layla, who is revealed to be Marc’s wife and is unaware of Steven’s personality. Her deduction was that it was Marc speaking in code over the phone, and tracking his phone she came to the rescue. Steven remains adamant that he has no memory of Layla and offers to bring her to his flat to explain the truth.

Back at his flat, Steven is about to show Layla the bag containing the scarab before Marc warns him not to or it will put her in danger. Layla goes through the bag and finds the scarab anyway, and immediately after, there is a knock on the door. Posing as the authorities, Harrow’s followers handcuff Steven and take him into custody. Layla escapes out the window with the scarab. When they arrive at their destination, Harrow reveals himself and takes Steven on a tour of their facility.

Harrow (Ethan Hawke) explains to Steven that he was Khonshu’s previous avatar prior to Marc/Steven and that he rejected Khonshu’s method of waiting for evildoers to commit their acts before seeking justice. He then chose to follow Ammit, who judges those before they commit any evil. Harrow tries to convince Steven to join, but Steven is taken aback by the ideology and refuses. When Harrow asks for the scarab, which is revealed to be a magical compass leading to Ammit’s tomb, in order to bring Ammit to her full power, Layla arrives. She gives Steven the scarab to protect and tells him to summon the suit, which he doesn’t know how to do.

After being cornered into a room, Steven finally convinces Layla that he is not Marc and does not know what he’s doing. Forced out the window, though, Steven manages to summon a suit close to what Marc’s suit looks like. Now outside, Steven is forced to fight another jackal-type creature that only he can see. After hyping himself up with his own phrase of “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, my name’s Steven with a V,” Steven lands one successful blow to the jackal, who’s only temporarily subdued. After the fight becomes more public, Marc finally convinces Steven to let him take over. With Marc in control, he leads the jackal away and kills it.

Now living as the reflection, Steven confronts Marc for his actions before Marc breaks away the reflective surface and ignores Steven. Marc is then confronted by Khonshu; Marc vows to find Ammit’s tomb before Harrow does. Khonshu threatens to take Layla as his next host if Marc fails, something Marc vows to never let happen. The episode ends with Marc looking out over Egypt.

The second episode of Moon Knight delivers on more action, heart, and humor. It helps alleviate some of the unknown established in the first episode, but still leaves us wondering many things, especially what the connection is between Steven and Marc specifically. Time will tell, which leaves me hoping that the time between now and episode three runs rather quickly.

You can stream Moon Knight now on Disney+


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Written by Miles Foster

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