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Enjoy This Evening’s Screen Actors Guild Awards!

Tonight, the 28th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards are being held. Happily, it’ll be back to normal, as opposed to last year, when it was a pre-recorded event for SAG, complete with rumors of leaked winners floating around the internet. That was…something. Now, it’s a televised awards ceremony in a somewhat more traditional sense. That’s a big part of what we all live for here at Awards Radar, both in terms of readers and staff. So, it’s noteworthy, even if, as we all know, there are far more important things going on in the real world. I’ve already said basically everything there is to say about the impending ceremony, especially in the past few days. As such, it’s simply a matter of waiting to see what the members of SAG do. Will they have some more surprises in store for us? Anything is possible. Mostly, it’s time to just sit back and enjoy the Screen Actors Guild holding their annual gala.

When I finalized my picks for the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Friday (here), I mentioned that they didn’t have quite the same Academy Award impact that they used to. At the same time, even if they aren’t almost mirrors of Oscar anymore, they still provide a level of enjoyment that makes them more than worthwhile. So, obviously, enjoy the show this evening…

To see where your favorites rank in my predictions, you can check our complete SAG and other predictions here For those looking for something visual, here once again are my Screen Actors Guild predictions in the film categories:

Stay tuned to see who and what take home Screen Actors Guild awards tonight!


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1 year ago

This is Nicole’s year, whether streaming or OTBS she has been IN THE ZONE!!! <3



Written by Joey Magidson

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