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Awards Radar Community: What Film Are You Looking Forward to Most As Oscar Season is On Pause?

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We’re at a weird point in the Oscar season. We know the nominees for the Academy Awards, but the second stage of the precursor season has not yet begin. So, we’re eager to know who and what the Oscars might give wins to, but the guilds and such have yet to fully chime in. Until then, we wait. In the meantime, films, both prestige and non, provide a way of passing the time. When I saw how much my timeline on social media is currently mixed between hype for The Batman and Oscar talk, I know a new Awards Radar Community post was born. So, today’s Community Question is as such: what movie are you currently looking forward to most while Oscar season is taking a breather?

Two of the more obvious choices are early March releases, which may not quite count as much as you’d like them to, given how they’re later in the game. Still, I’m counting them. They are The Batman and Turning Red. At the same time, next week has the rare choice in that it’s Oscar nominated but almost none of you have been able to see it during the season. Of course, it’s Cyrano, the Academy Award nominated musical. Despite a weird strategy to hide the film from everyone, it’s mere days from finally being released. My Cyrano review will go up on Monday (after I look it over because I wrote it literally months ago), so be on the lookout for that…


Well, it’s your turn to provide some options. What film are you most looking forward to while we wait for the Oscar season to kick back into high gear? It doesn’t have to be The Batman, obviously, so let us know what you’re thinking. We’re very eager to hear from you!

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Is there a movie that you’re eager to see while Oscar season is on pause? Let us know!


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Robert Hamer
1 year ago

I have two that I’m very keen on seeing before the Oscar ceremony. The first is Ti West’s X, which looks to follow in Malignant‘s “haha omg I can’t believe this was even made!” brand of horror, which I’m sure will wear out its welcome very soon, but until then I’m going to enjoy this trend while it’s still fresh.

The other is Deep Water, not only because this is Adrian Lyne’s return to feature filmmaking after a twenty-year absence, but it has been delayed and rescheduled four times between multiple studios and distributors playing a game of hot potato with this thing over the past two years. That means it’s either a racy, too-hot-to-handle thriller that couldn’t be marketed to normies, or we’re looking at a Serenity-level catastrophe. Either way, I have to watch it as soon as it’s out on Hulu.



Written by Joey Magidson

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