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INTERVIEW: Shyamalan Discusses Finding the Balance Between the Suspense and Humor in ‘Servant’

M. Night Shyamalan is back for another serving of AppleTV+’s Servant where tension is always on the menu. For season three the Turner family is whole again, but nothing is ever stable in the household.

For season three Dorothy and Sean Turner (Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell) are lost in the joy of having back their precious Jericho. And while Julian (Rupert Grint) is sobering up after last season’s overdose, Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) is starting to crack a little from the paranoid idea that the cult is coming for her and the Turners. Of course it is all in her head… or is it? There’s never a dull day with the Turners!

The constant evolution of the series and its characters is part of the Servant‘s charm. With every season, and frankly episode, you never quite know where it is going. Yet, Shyamalan and his team of writers and directors pull it all together like a master chef seemingly combining random ingredients to deliver a gourmet meal.

It is the balance of the manic, the drama, humor, and tension that makes this series so unique. Shyamalan was drawn to the project partially for that reason. He saw a great deal of potential in the series, “There’s an opportunity to get the humor and the suspense and the poignancy, and to have that be a part of it throughout,” explained Shyamalan. “All the stages of a family are an abomination with this family,” he continued. “Everything that is ritual about growing up with a baby is twisted and wrong.

Servant season 3 begins airing January 21st exclusively on AppleTV+. Be sure to check out the interview where Shyamalan speaks about his favorite thing about the series, his process and more. Also watch for an interview with cast and our season three review in the coming days.


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[…] INTERVIEW: Shyamalan Discusses Finding the Balance Between the Suspense and Humor in ‘Servant&… […]



Written by Steven Prusakowski

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