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‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Episodes 1&2 Discussion & Breakdown – an ‘Attack of the Clones’ Blindspot + a Farewell to Robotic Arms

Did someone say MORE Star Wars? 

We plow ahead with filling in Emilia’s Star Wars blindspot with a spirited discussion on Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Soon we’ll have eliminated the last person on earth who hasn’t seen this iconic series, but in the meantime, tune in to hear a no-holds-barred review of this film from fresh eyes. 

We heard the best remedy for COVID woes is MORE STAR WARS so we follow up the blindspot section with both a spoiler-free and spoiler-filled discussion of episodes one and two of Disney+’s Book of Boba Fett. And in our news section we cover a rollercoaster of announcements including the release date of Season 3 of Prime Video’s The Boys, HBO’s Peacemaker series, exciting casting updates from MCU’s Ghost Rider, and delays in production for Star Trek: Picard and Morbius.

Plus we lose a member of The ‘Verse Squad! in the most dramatic fashion. Burying the lead a bit.

Tune in to find out and if you disagree or have more to add to the conversation, tell us on Twitter @TheVerseCast where we post news, announcements about the pod, and collect listener questions.

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Episode 36: ‘Attack of the Clones’ Blindspot + ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Episodes 1 and 2 Discussion/Breakdown. And a Farewell to Robotic Arms

Listen to this episode from The ‘Verse! on Spotify. Did someone say MORE Star Wars? We plow ahead with filling in Emilia’s Star Wars blindspot with a spirited discussion on Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

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Written by Steven Prusakowski

Steven Prusakowski has been a cinephile as far back as he can remember, literally. At the age of ten, while other kids his age were sleeping, he was up into the late hours of the night watching the Oscars. Since then, his passion for film, television, and awards has only grown. For over a decade he has reviewed and written about entertainment through publications including Awards Circuit and Screen Radar. He has conducted interviews with some of the best in the business - learning more about them, their projects and their crafts. He is a graduate of the RIT film program. You can find him on Twitter and Letterboxd as @FilmSnork – we don’t know why the name, but he seems to be sticking to it.

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