Interview: Showrunners Charles Rogers & Sarah-Violet Bliss on the Most Lasting Takeaways from ‘Search Party’

Since its week-long premiere back in 2016 on TBS, Search Party has been one of the wildest and most watchable shows on television, defying genre and constantly changing shape and tone. After a two-and-half-year hiatus following season two, seasons three and four were released wonderfully close together, and now, less than a year after that, the fifth and final season of the show is here, dropping all ten episodes on HBO Max on one day.

Awards Radar had the opportunity to speak with showrunners Charles Rogers and Sarah-Violet Bliss about their most exciting guest stars, which season(s) they like best, and some of the most memorable plot points that never came to be.

Season five of Search Party debuts in full on Friday, January 7th on HBO Max.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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