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Joey’s Home Movies For the Week of December 20th – James Bond Still Has ‘No Time to Die’


Welcome back to my Home Movies! Today, we have Daniel Craig ending his time as 007 and one of the year’s would have been Oscar players. Yes, the slate this week features No Time to Die as well as Blue Bayou. What else is hitting shelves beyond Bond and prestige fare? Read on to find out…

Joey’s Top Pick

James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Paloma (Ana de Armas) in NO TIME TO DIE an EON Productions and Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios film Credit: Nicola Dove © 2020 DANJAQ, LLC AND MGM. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

No Time to Die

The latest Bond film also is Daniel Craig’s farewell to the character. In doing so, No Time to Die happens to be a movie that works incredibly well at saying goodbye. The flick is still a primo 007 epic, but the emotion is stronger than usual. All in all, it’s fantastically satisfying. Here is some of what I had to say about it in my highly positive review:

James Bond never gets to say goodbye. The character, as well as the actors who have played him, changes with the times, but it’s not a planned changing of the guard. No Time to Die is the exception to this, as we’ve known since production began that Daniel Craig would be leaving the role after this. Because of that, the opportunity to do something a bit different presented itself to the powers that be. Luckily, everyone involved, from Craig on down, invested themselves in a proper sendoff. So, not only does Craig go out on a high, especially from an emotional standpoint, but the franchise itself is able to come to a stopping point. Of course, a reboot and recasting of the role is coming, but for now, 007 has wrapped up a five film story, and boy has it done so in style.

No Time to Die is an epic adventure that gives you just about everything you want out of Bond, as well as plenty of new elements, too. This has the most heart of any Bond flick, building on what was developed with Eva Green‘s Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale and Judi Dench‘s M in Skyfall. Where James gets as a character by the end is a point that no one has ever dared to take him before. That added element helps to make this something especially memorable. Just in terms of plot, it’s an above average film, but the heart and humor levels it up.

Recommended Viewing

Focus Features

Blue Bayou

Earlier this year, Blue Bayou was thought of as Focus Features’ big Academy Award play. Obviously, that has changed, but Justin Chon‘s passion project is still a solid tearjerker. I spoke to writer/director/star Chon here about it, as well as co-star Alicia Vikander here. Give those a listen, but then be sure to check out my review here, which includes this bit:

Blue Bayou has all of the ingredients to be an awards player, including a bow at the Cannes Film Festival. Chon’s highs certainly suggest Oscar bait. The occasional lows, however, remind you that this will prove to be a bit of a divisive flick. Still, it’s an important issue being tackled, and done so in a cinematic way. It’s not perfect, but it’s an experience you won’t soon be able to shake.

Also Available This Week



The Many Saints of Newark

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – Season One (TV)

Time of the Wolf

No Criterion releases today. Sorry! Stay tuned for more next week…


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Written by Joey Magidson

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