TV Recap: ‘Succession’ Season 3 Episode 8 “Chiantishire” The Last Straw

TV Recap: Succession Season 3 Episode 8 “Chiantishire” The Last Straw

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In Succession Season Three Episode Eight,” Chiantishire,” directed by Mark Mylod, Logan Roy (Brian Cox) refuses to let Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) out of his grasp.

The Roy clan travels to Tuscany, Italy, for Lady Caroline Collingwood’s (Harriet Walker) wedding to failed businessman Peter Munion (Pip Torrens).

Siobhan “Shiv” Roy’s (Sarah Snook) tumultuous relationship with her mother Caroline inspires her fight for control over Waystar RoyCo. She uses Roman Roy’s (Kieran Culkin) sexual obsession with Gerri Kellman (J. Smith-Cameron) to take them down.

“Chiantishire” ends with what appears with Kendall drowning in the pool. Unfortunately, there are no clips of Kendall in the promo for the season finale leading me to think he died.


Kendall is at the end of his rope when he flies to Tuscany for his mother’s wedding. He no longer travels with a whole posse, just his kids and Comfry (Dasha Nekrasova).

His shaven head looks so shocking that Caroline makes a joke about it. Kendall wears casual clothing like jeans and a polo shirt during most of the episode (minus the wedding reception). Everybody else dresses up for the whole weekend. Kendall doesn’t make as many hard-cutting jokes as usual at his sibling’s expense.

During Caroline’s wedding weekend, everything that happens pushes Kendal off the ledge. To begin with, Caroline tells Kendall that he can’t go to all the parties and ceremonies. Logan refuses to be in the same room with as him. Caroline divvies up all the events. Kendall questions why Caroline even has Logan at the wedding since she hates him. She explains that Peter insisted they invite Logan because he wants to use her ex-husband’s British business and government connections.

A podcaster investigates the “Roy family curse,” covering everything from Connor Roy’s (Alan Ruck) mysterious mother to the caterer’s “suicide. “Kendall accidentally killed the caterer when he was high on drugs during Shiv’s wedding.  Kendall is starting to feel like the walls are closing in on him. Caroline pushes Kendall out in the middle of her wedding reception, leaving him feeling raw.

The last straw comes during Logan and Kendall’s dinner detente. Logan’s paranoia leads him to believe that Kendall will poison his dinner. Since Logan will go to great lengths to win a war, he projects all of his misdeeds onto his son.

The CEO tries to use the excuse that he has a limited diet to eat food that he brought with him. But Kendall made sure the menu fits his restricted diet. When Logan uses his grandson Iverson Roy (Quentin Morales) as a food taster, Kendall feels hurt. He would never poison his father. Having a child test for prisons shows Logan’s extreme paranoia and willingness to put his grandson at risk.

Kendall ultimately wants to be bought out of Waystar RoyCo. He doesn’t want to be at war or close to anybody else in the Roy family. Logan refuses because he cares about his son in his twisted way. He likes having all his children close. Logan will never give Kendall any real power in Waystar RoyCo, but he wants to have him around to be the “mail boy.”

Logan feels attacked when Kendall points out how he only won because Waystar RoyCo and the world are corrupt. Kendall bluntly tells his father that he monetized all of “America’s resentments,” creating an evil media empire. However, Kendall takes no responsibility for his part in building a toxic media landscape. Everybody in the Roy family benefits from Logan’s wealth culminated over decades. The last straw for Logan is when Kendall says he is a good guy who doesn’t want to morph into his father.

Logan strikes back. He brings up the fact that Kendall technically killed the caterer. Kendall is not the perfect angel that he pretends to be. Kendall deflates. Logan pushes back on Kendall, calling him wicked. He would be in big trouble if Logan didn’t clean up his messes constantly. Logan leaves the dinner without freeing Kendall from their destructive relationship.

Kendall appears to drown alone on a floatie in the middle of his pool, drinking beer. Logan wins, but at what cost?


Caroline’s snarky comments lead Shiv to take back control of her life. Shiv meets Caroline in the courtyard of the restaurant hosting her bachelorette party.

Shiv starts the fight by calling Caroline heartless. Caroline “apologizes” for being a bad mother. Shiv points out that she was not a horrible mother, just an absent one. Caroline accuses her daughter of choosing Logan over her. Shiv exclaims that she was just a kid. Caroline accuses Shiv of always knowing how to twist the knife in to get what she wants.

Caroline’s hurtful comments go too far in Shiv’s book when she comments she should never have had children. Essentially saying she wishes Shiv was never born. She compliments Shiv for choosing not to have kids.

Shiv bursts into the hotel room she shares with her husband, Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Mcfadyen), full of conversation. After her toxic talk with Caroline, she has decided that she wants to have children. She plans to fight for control over Waystar RoyCo.

 In the morning, Shiv backtracks. She wants to freeze her embryos for now. However, she does begin her destruction of Gerri and Roman. Shiv uses the dick pics that Roman sent to Geri, attempting to discredit them.

Last Thoughts

What will the Roy family do if Kendall is dead? Will Shiv end up wearing the crown in the end? In the comments below, let us know your predictions for Succession Season Three’s finale.


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Written by Paloma Bennett

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