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Interview: Talking ‘Red Rocket’ with Bree Elrod

When you watch Red Rocket, it’s impossible to take your eyes off of Simon Rex, but that doesn’t mean the other cast members aren’t doing phenomenal work. This week, with the film about to open, I have interviews with all of the central cast to share with you all, hoping to shine a light on everyone, not just Rex. To that end, today we’re starting off with Bree Elrod, one of the key supporting players in the flick. I’m on record stating that this is my favorite movie of the year, so I’m keen for all of you to see why. Elrod is going to help kick off the conversation, which is how it happened last week during the press day as well, when these were all recorded.

In my rave review of Red Rocket, I had this to say about her performance:

Don’t sleep on Bree Elrod, either, as she tells you all you need to know about her past with simple looks. She’s the character your heart most goes out to, even as plenty of her actions leave something to be desired.

Below, you can hear my chat with Elrod. She came to a Sean Baker project in an oddly unique way, getting the script, as opposed to being found in the wild. Still, she got to read what Baker and co-writer Chris Bergoch were cooking up. We spoke a lot about how her character is elevated by a few small moments, including a really unusually informative sex scene. Elrod is a lovely woman, too, so getting to go over the film with her was a pleasure. Give it a listen next, and of course, make it your business to see the movie. It’s utterly demented and utterly brilliant, in equal measure.

Here now is my interview with Red Rocket co-star Bree Elrod. Enjoy:

Red Rocket is in theaters this weekend!


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[…] Interview: Talking ‘Red Rocket’ with Bree Elrod […]



Written by Joey Magidson

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