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Interview: Kathy Bates on the Challenges and Rewards of ‘Home’

Who doesn’t love Kathy Bates? The Oscar winner has wowed audiences for years, whether on the big screen or the small one. Of course, her Academy Award winning role in Misery is iconic, but I adore her supporting turns in About Schmidt and especially Primary Colors, both of which also led to nominations. Throw in her most recent Best Supporting Actress nomination for Richard Jewell and she’s competed in that category three times (a four time nominee and one time winner, overall). All this is to say that Bates is a master of her craft. When she gets to let loose, watch out. However, the challenge for her most recently in Franka Potente‘s Home, was quite different. I spoke to Potente recently about it (found yesterday on the site right here), but now, Bates gets to join in on the conversation.

Below, you can hear my conversation with Bates. We discussed her baity (no pun intended) role in Home, which asks her to be very grounded. She’s often at her best when getting to go big, as mentioned above, so this turn was quite intriguing to watch. She gives some good tidbits about where she found inspiration for the character as well, so there’s some real insight to be found here. Plus, Bates is a lovely woman, so who wouldn’t want to spend some time with her? Home is out now, so be sure to check out Potente’s filmmaking debut. It won’t be the last film from her, and hopefully Bates is involved next time around as well…

Here now is my interview with Academy Award winning actress and Home co-star Kathy Bates. Enjoy:

Home is out now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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