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NYCC 2021: William Shatner Admits, “I’m Scared” About Upcoming Space Mission

NEW YORK (New York Comic Con) William Shatner will soon boldly go where no 90 year-old has gone before. Space. Instead of pretending to trekking into space, this time, the legendary Star Trek actor actually will do so as a crew member of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. But, before setting off into the stars, or maybe a little closer to home, Shatner stopped by for an entertaining panel at this year’s New York Comic Con, speaking with an enthusiastic audience about his upcoming space adventure and some of his other earthly ventures.

From second one, Shatner owned the stage. He strutted out with just his jeans, a leather jacket, a mic and a whole lot of stores – then worked the crowd for a wild 45 minutes straight. No moderator. No rules. Just Shatner. A windy conversation across space and time with plenty of time to promote in between.
The actor worked in his new album, “Bill,” podcast appearances along with other fan-pleasing topics topics ranging from his work on Star Trek to that infamous episode of The Twilight Zone, complete with a quick crowd pleasing reenactment.

Then Shatner got to the topic everyone wanted to hear about. Because, as he joked, “You’re here because you want to know the recipe for strawberry pie.”

“So, I’m going up into… I’m scared.” An unexpected proclamation that served as an abrupt transition into his his upcoming space flight. “Captain Kirk going where no man… ‘I’m going what? Where am I going?!’ In his usually half joking half serious delivery. “I’m Captain Kirk and I’m terrified.” Shatner explained what scares him most about the space flight, the fact that the scientists who are consulting him repeatedly keep saying, “our best guess…” A phrase that will certainly put you on edge, especially after he not so subtly reminded the audience or previous space mission failures. 

“I don’t want to be known as the oldest guy in… I’m bloody Captain Kirk!” Even if that is how he feels, he was not shy (as if he ever is) to explain how he worked his way onto the space mission – a conversation that began before Covid. Shatner claims the pandemic possibly cost him a seat on the first mission that went to Bezos’ brother instead.

Shatner ended the panel like he started it, like a shooting star – quickly appearing, shining brightly and quickly disappearing. No closure, just an abrupt goodbye and a cool strut off the stage with one last second confession, “I really am scared.”  

Godspeed Mr. Shatner. Godspeed.

The ‘Verse! on Twitter: “NYCC 2021: @WilliamShatner entertains the #NYCC2021 audience just days before his historic space flight joking, “I’m scared.” #StarTrek @AwardsRadar& @TheVerseCast at #NYCC. / Twitter”

NYCC 2021: @WilliamShatner entertains the #NYCC2021 audience just days before his historic space flight joking, “I’m scared.” #StarTrek @AwardsRadar& @TheVerseCast at #NYCC.

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Written by Steven Prusakowski

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